Gimbel & Associates Business Development Services

Business Development Services

New technologies can transform a company. Our solution helps clients determine which technologies will serve their goals, and how to leverage technology to grow the bottom line.

Gimbel & Associates' considerable industry knowledge and experience puts us in a unique position to provide a customized approach for each client and their specific challenges.

Our Approach In Four Steps - Assess, Develop, Implement, Define:

  • Assessment to define management sales goals and challenges
  • Develop sales and marketing plans, and operational plan
  • Implement operational plans, sales training and application development
  • Define ongoing strategies for sales and marketing growth and operational efficiency
"Roger's team brings exceptional value to the table. Issues that would take much longer to resolve using other resources are dealt with quickly.  This is possible because of their unique blend of wisdom gained through decade of real world experience and passion for contemporary technology and best practices. These are truly world-renowned experts who can provide solutions to many of our industry’s most perplexing problems.”
                         Jim Frintner
                         VP, Business Development
                               Dialog Direct

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