Tony Kenton
Sr. Consultant 

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Tony Kenton is the original imagineer, one of the most experienced and exciting hands on advisors in the graphic communications industry. As an International consultant, Tony has worked for many of world’s leading manufacturers and print organizations with more than 600 interventions under his belt.   His focus is on helping ignite business growth by identifying the true goals and objectives of the key people within an organization, then building a clear step by step plan to achieve these. This means he has the unique ability to translate vision into tangible bottom line results.

Having been one of the youngest industry leaders (CEO of UK Print Industry Trade Association at 29), Tony knows what it takes to lead a successful organization. He translates this hands-on experience into coherent, compelling and exciting strategies - with significant results.

Tony is a specialist business and brand strategist. His unique views on business ensures a constant flow of original and fresh ideas. For over 30 years he has maintained a reputation for always being right on the ‘bleeding’ edge and consistently helps his clients win new business and achieve the results they need by going beyond the normal boundaries and challenging them to think outside their normal comfort zones.








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