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Gimbel & Associates was founded in 2003 to help printers solve critical issues and provide strategic solutions that positively impact businesses. Our team of specialized consultants focus on the customer’s needs by providing recommended areas for growth and opportunity.


Redefining The Future Together

Gimbel & Associates helped Office Depot plan and implement new inkjet technology at their Grand Prairie, TX regional print center.

"Productivity is through the roof!"
Ron De La Torre
Office Depot General Manager, Texas RPC

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I would like to thank you (Roger) and all of the G&A team for the outstanding support. We accomplished significant growth in Office Depot … You have established a true partnership as a ‘Trusted Advisor’ with the Office Depot leadership team. We are looking forward to continued growth of business and many more successes in 2018.
Donna Lepine
Business Development Consulting
Services, Xerox Corporation

Start-up Publishing

Kim Dambrogio of Simple Solutions and Roger P. Gimbel discuss how Gimbel & Associates helped to transform a small publisher into a self-sufficient printer capable of printing not only their own material, but of taking in print work from outside sources as well.



Multi-channel Marketing

Gimbel & Associates helps Color Web Printers go from print provider to marketing source provider in just 60 days. Learn how multi-channel marketing can help your business add digital capabilities. Gimbel & Associates can analyze your business needs, recommend appropriate resources and help implement digital print and cross media marketing at a comfort level you need to handle these complexities.


We had an amazing day of training with plenty of role playing and team exercises. I really appreciate Roger's (Gimbel) supportive yet candid approach. The sales team continues to give me positive feedback on the overall experiences. I am already seeing the Value Proposition and Value Based Pricing modules put into action already! I would recommend training with Gimbel & Associates to anyone who is looking for relevant and interactive sales training. I am confident it will bring results!
Wendi Breuer

img_04-1Attached are a compilation of survey answers we picked up at the end of the workshop.
Do you believe that your organization can benefit from any of the strategies learned today?

  • Yes! Engaging millennials to give monthly.
  • Absolutely! I am newly hired and many of my ideas were reinforced by this.
  • Yes! Even though the majority of our donors are much older, we can still engage them online.
  • Yes, I am ready to get back & check out our database.
  • Absolutely. The realization of collecting and using data has been huge.
  • My clients definitely will.
  • Absolutely – data capture, being more strategic – sharing – optimizing communications.
  • Absolutely. Like most art organizations our goal is to grow our donor base and the strategies offered by Lois was well researched.
  • Yes, good examples and takeaways from others.
  • Yes. Strategies, tools, ideas, data!!
  • There are so many pieces that we can use – social media, videos, data driven decisions, technological options, upselling.
  • As a very small nonprofit this was one of the best in offering strategies that benefit every size of nonprofit.

As you can see all of our comments were really very good…All in all we had a great response and we are already generating some additional business as a result of the workshop. One organization just today ordered a Data Regression Analysis.

Mark Serbin
Serbin Print Marketing & Publishing

Strategic Partnerships

img_logo-06IPN Global is an alliance of friends representing leading-edge companies in the printing, visual communications and graphic art industry. With over 200 locations around the globe and world-class capabilities, IPN helps organizations around the world to do business globally.

As a board member, Roger P. Gimbel brings his expertise to assist members as they work together to provide all the services companies need to deliver their brand assets throughout the world. From localized printing to local market knowledge, they are global ambassadors of thoughts and ideas.

Gimbel & Associates led a workshop demonstrating the real power of asking the right questions in crucial conversations. The delegates came from IPN partners all over the world including Singapore, South Africa, USA, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Belarus, Latvia, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal.

img_02 img_03
Great workshop focused on open ended questions and the importance of question based selling and the resolution of problems - also found the role-play parts really good as it got us out of our comfort zones and got us mixing. Well done - good job.
I would second Tony's opinion and add that as the representatives at this conference for our respective companies (possibly Customers and Vendors, as well), we can take these lessons and pass them on. As Tony points out, the message may be something we know, but a refresher with role play was an excellent idea. As it happened, having your presentation follow one where we were "prepped" by thinking about how we generally operate (red, yellow, blue, green) was brilliant. Thank you, Lois.
You delivered exactly what I hoped you would deliver; namely a clean smart presentation that made us all think and reflect on whether we always approach all conversations in the most productive way. You had passion and energy in abundance and the exercises were fun

img_logo-07Gimbel & Associates partners with industry leaders in graphic communications and multi-channel communications to support clients with digital solutions. These partnerships enable our consultants to provide the best strategic assessments, and solutions for businesses development, operational efficiency.

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