Kim Dambrogio of Simple Solutions and Roger P. Gimbel discuss how Gimbel & Associates transformed a small publisher into a self-sufficient printer capable of printing not only their own material, but of taking in print work from outside sources as well.


Paper and Ink Broaden Inkjet's Appeal (PDF)

Inkjet Drupa 2016 is now in the books. There were more than 50 inkjet solutions shown from all the major OEM’s as well as several smaller companies and strategic partnerships offerings. The new inks formulations and expanded options for paper and substrates were impressive as well as the speed improvements to displace offset run lengths.

Paper and ink improvements are making it possible to produce applications many believed would never move from offset or other digital platforms to inkjet.

Color Web Printers Multi-Channel Campaign (PDF)
Color Web Color Web Printers launches its digital printing business in under 60 days with response rate results of 10% and 41% to drive new customer engagements

CDS Global , a Hearst Corporation offers one of a kind Cross-Media Communication (PDF)
Hearst Corporation's commitment allows CDS Global to move forward and continue to invest in and grow their Cross- Media Communications as a fundamental Part of their core business.

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"We had an amazing day of training with plenty of role playing and team exercises.  I really appreciate Roger's (Gimbel) supportive yet candid approach.  The sales team continues to give me positive feedback on the overall experiences.  I am already seeing the Value Proposition and Value Based Pricing modules put into action already!  I would recommend training with Gimbel & Associates to anyone who is looking for relevant and interactive sales training.  I am confident it will bring results!
               Wendi Breuer

"Gimbel & Associates provided strategic consulting which enabled our sales team to position the value of a total solution. With Gimbel & Associates’expertise our customer saw the value in business development services and our partnership. Gimbel & Associates’ skill and knowledge enabled us to close the largest deal in our history."  
               Will Frank,
               Comdoc, Inc.

“Working with Gimbel & Associates, I found the process of really analyzing our business to be immeasurable. The business development process was looking at a family album.  We were able to see all the stages of the process and where to go and adjust things that may have been overlooked at one point."


                    Mark Melheim 
                American Honda Motor Co., Inc.



"Congratulations from everybody I have spoken with this week. I continually hear how wonderful your  presentation was and how knowledgeable you are.  I just wanted to pass along the feedback and thank you, Lois Ritarossi, very much for doing such and amazing job."
Adam Armstrong 
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