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William Martin

Vice President Strategic Solutions and Operations


Office: ‭(216) 307-4030

Mobile: ‭(646) 540-3842



William received his degree in Business from the University of Maryland.


Xerox PIXI Award for 1:1 Marketing, 2016


William Martin is the Vice President Strategic Solutions and Operations at Gimbel & Associates.  As a subject matter expert in the field of digital document solutions, print management and 1:1 direct marketing solutions, William has more than 17 years of experience in the quick print and print-on-demand industry.  He is a profit-driven, technology sales expert with significant experience and a track record of success in business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets. William uses a consultative approach to assess client needs and provide solutions that meet the client’s strategic goals.

Previously, William Martin was Production Color Program Manager at Xerox Corporation; Business Manager for Business Development at Prestige BMW; Head of Sales and Marketing for Astoria Graphics and Sales Manager for Digital Strike Team, a global documents provider.

William Martin is the recipient of numerous prestigious sales awards for consistently exceeding sales goals and forecasts, and creating win-win client solutions.  In 2006, he received the prestigious Xerox PIXI Award for 1:1 Marketing. William received his degree in Business from the University of Maryland.

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