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We are an organization of professionals with years of experience in sales, marketing, technology, digital printing and distribution. With real world success and a hands-on approach, our team of consultants provide analyses and solutions that produce results.

Enable clients to implement sales strategies for growth

Strategic Business Plans

Identify sales, marketing and operational strategies to create efficiencies and maximize revenue 

Customized Sales Training

Develop and facilitate advanced sales skills for effectiveness with digital applications and vertical markets


Utilize data analytics and predictive modeling to support data-driven marketing strategies and campaigns

Sales Management

Provide strategic recommendations for sales process and sales management effectiveness

Marketing Support Services

Develop marketing, branding, multi-channel campaigns and communication programs

Workflow Analysis

Assess hardware and software operations and provide strategic recommendations to achieve efficient and cost-   effective operations

Mergers & Aquisitions

Act as an independent advisor to both parties working with their respective assigned council to facilitate mergers using industry knowledge and expertise


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Kristin Anderson, Sr. Consultant and VDP/Kristin Andersonweb2print expert was recently interviewed by WhatTheyThink?  

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Gimbel & Associates at Xplor '16
Customer Engagement by Choice


At the recent Xploration 16 event in April, Lois Ritarossi, VP of Gimbel & Associates and Alderano Fileni, COO of Print Laser Group, (pictured here) shared  a story of change and choice. Print Laser Group, a trans-actional service bureau based in Brazil, has experienced many changes in their 13 year history. Some of the services they are providing today were clear strategic choices, and some were in response to requests from customers.

The goal of the seminar attendees was to take a way ideas on how their company can be successful in changing and winning new business with digital services.

This case study demonstrated the changes needed to evolve from a printer to a customer experience integrator. Print Laser hVery_well_done.jpgas changed their sales process to: What are we selling? It isn’t just print anymore. They now position the Value of their services differently.  Print Laser realizes that their competition is more that the usual print bureau competitors and they are winning business.  What are their customers buying? Scalability, flexibility, secure communications, data cleansing, data enrichment , tracking and verification. Their business model is now based on driving customer experience. 

For more about the importance of selling Value, read our blog.