Data Security Challenges in Your Print Environment

on Aug 27, 2019 2:14:44 PM

Every aspect of our lives is driven by data. The need to protect and secure this data is becomingdata protection increasingly critical.

Privacy is becoming a core market differentiator for companies. Businesses need to prove to their customers that they handle data securely and ensure the protection of privacy. 

What constitutes a violation of privacy? It’s not always obvious, and interpretation can vary based on the application, industry, etc. 

What is sensitive data?

For example, a newsletter sent by a health care company to its customers might normally be considered marketing mail, but if the content is based on the recipient’s health conditions (e.g., “Living with HIV”), it could be interpreted as sensitive data. 

The production print industry faces unique data security technology challenges. Print shops are becoming marketing hubs, with more of the campaigns they produce involving variable or personalized data. 

There is a trend toward personalization and customization in marketing, so digital print work is increasingly data driven – not just with a name and address, but also with personalized customer profiles. 

Print services providers are often in possession of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that can potentially be targeted and stolen.  It is important to recognize that non-PII can become PII whenever additional information is made publicly available and that, when combined with other available information, could be used to identify an individual.  You can read more about the rules for PII by clicking on the GSA link.

Have you considered these potential causes of data loss? customer personalization

  • Loss or theft of laptops and mobile devices
  • Unauthorized transfer of data to USB drives
  • Improper categorization of sensitive data
  • Data theft by employees or external parties
  • Printing and copying of sensitive data by employees
  • Insufficient response to intrusions
  • Unintentional transmission of sensitive data

Gimbel & Associates designs and delivers learning and training programs to help print production companies handling sensitive information maintain their integrity through compliance.  For more information on these programs Contact  G&A

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