Should You Partner with a Mail House?

Posted by Roger P. Gimbel, EDP on Sep 18, 2020 10:08:20 AM


A key component of creating printed materials is managing
the mailing system that gets the brochures or flyers to the recipients. It’s a big percentage cost of a printing project. But mastering the intricacies of the mail stream can be complex and expensive.

Some print shops outsource this critical step and partner with an established mail services company, while others opt to bring the function in-house. Which is the better? The answer is highly individual, based on the amount of mail you need to process, client requirements, and so on. It has to make business sense.

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Postal Regulations That Trouble Print Companies

Posted by Roger P. Gimbel, EDP on Aug 7, 2019 1:25:33 PM


Print service providers don’t always mail what they produce for their clients, but when they do, they must be clear about the rules and regulations administered by the US Postal Service. Generating mailings (or even designing mailings) without considering the mailing requirements can blow the client’s budget, cause delivery delays, or depress campaign results. In severe cases the postal service might even reject the mail. Help clients get the most from their investments in printed and mailed communications and generate worry-free mail by being informed about mailing requirements.

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