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Customer Retention Strategies for the Print Businesses

Posted by Roger P. Gimbel, EDP on Jul 8, 2024 11:25:41 AM


Retaining clients is as crucial to the health of your business as acquiring new ones. Perhaps even more so. The best clients, and the ones you can reliably count on to run a successful company, are the ones who keep returning to do business with you.

Acquiring new customers is always a good idea, of course, but client retention should also be a top priority, backed by a management strategy that begins the minute a client signs a purchase order. Your customer retention strategy should be an intrinsic part of your corporate culture, from the CEO on down.

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Why Do Your Customers Choose You?

Posted by Randall Swope on Apr 10, 2023 3:37:27 PM


“I don’t have to sell. My customers come to me.”  That is what a customer told me once. If you have that situation all the power to you, but you are probably leaving a lot of business for others to grab.  Learn  how your existing customers choose you and then delve into how can you leverage that knowledge to grow your business.

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is probably one of the most important business processes that a company can have. As part of an ongoing program of both sales development and customer satisfaction (shouldn’t they be one in the same) you can build a dynamic model for analyzing customer acquisition experience and use that to develop strategies for new customer growth and customer retention.

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