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Knowing Your Customer and Their Needs - #2 - Vertical Markets

Posted by Allison McCord, Sr. Learning Consultant on Jul 24, 2019 11:53:43 AM


A vertical market is a group of similar businesses that has a common set of needs for products and services.  Customers in the same vertical market have the same types of applications, and they often have the same business issues.

Getting to know a vertical market helps you sell because you:   

  • Understand your customers’ business
  • Know what products and services they use
  • Can speak their language
  • Can emphasize the benefits that are important to their business

The more you understand about the concerns and issues of these vertical markets, the more credibility you will have with your customers because you’ll be “speaking their language”. You’ll be in a better position to recommend offerings that address their business needs.  Start by focusing on the top two or three vertical markets that your company serves.

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Knowing Your Customer and their Needs - #1

Posted by Allison McCord, Sr. Learning Consultant on Jul 2, 2019 3:10:21 PM


Focus on the Customer Needs

We can often get so focused on producing the job itself, that we lose sight of WHY a customer is getting the job produced. It’s not because they don’t have enough work to do or that they have extra money to spend. It’s because the job supports a business need.  As you have your consulting conversations with the customer, talk about more than just the job. After all, the “job” is never going to shop with you again… but the customer and the company will.

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Are You a Partner or an Order-Taker?

Posted by Roger P. Gimbel, EDP on Jan 10, 2019 2:36:36 PM

Too many print companies still rely on traditional methods for interacting with their clients. Instead of suggesting creative ways they can help their clients achieve business goals, print companies keep focusing sales conversations on quotes and printed products they can provide. It may seem contrary and uncomfortable, but the best way to sell print may not be initiating a sales call with product pitches. This approach makes print a commodity that any competitor offering a lower price can easily reproduce.

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