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Posted by Roger P. Gimbel, EDP on Apr 12, 2024 3:37:04 PM
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Here at Gimbel & Associates we concentrate on print–area in which we have a great deal of experience. Conversations with clients often begin with print, which remains a critical component ofThe image shows a digital document being transformed into an engaging and compliant reading experience using the Boundless solution-1 any organization’s communication strategy. However, content that starts out as print, and was originally designed for print, frequently finds its way into the omni-channel environment in which we all live.

Interest in digital publication is high. The global digital publishing market is exhibiting huge growth with a steady CAGR, indicating a favorable market trend. As they consider a digital publishing strategy, companies are also concerned about complying with accessibility laws. The number of website accessibility lawsuits are increasing, with nearly 2300 suits filed in 20231.

How does one transform print documents into an engaging and compliant digital reading experience and distribute the material to the widest audience? We’re working on that. It’s called Boundless - a new offering available soon from Xerox and administered by Gimbel & Associates.

Beyond PDF

Many organizations want to lower costs and broaden distribution by converting a good portion of their print-preferring audience into digital content consumers. Simply delivering a PDF won’t do it. That approach has failed to convince enough consumers that this electronic representation is better than the physical document it replaces.

Boundless addresses the challenges faced by organizations as they attempt to connect systems and platforms to digitize content, deliver it, and measure its effectiveness. Gimbel & Associates’ knowledge of print, the starting point for many digital document journeys, allows us to assist our clients with services that make print digitalization easy.

The Boundless solution injects life into publications and documents by adding videos, images, podcasts, interactive elements, and analytics. Organizations can easily distribute the Boundless-enabled material without the hassles and compromises often associated with documents adapted for viewing on multiple devices. Companies provide their PDFs and any related interactive digital content, and Xerox will convert and host the digital versions for them.

Boundless follows all Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and creates compliant content for those with disabilities.

The image shows a digital document being transformed into an engaging and compliant reading experience using the Boundless solution-2Easy Conversion

During conversion from PDF to Boundless, publishers have an option to earmark portions of documents that pertain to certain audience segments. Besides publishing the entire document, the originating organization can select shorter sections to push out to targeted audience members via various communication channels, such as social media or email blasts.

One of the best things about Boundless is the transformation that happens in the cloud, using existing print files. No programmers or complicated coding are required to turn print-ready documents into responsive, view-it-anywhere, digital versions. Boundless-produced documents fully comply with accessibility standards and are compatible with screen readers. Gimbel & Associates’ clients won’t have to worry about running afoul of the complicated laws and regulations governing accessibility.

A Gimbel & Associates specialist will help clients develop their document transformation strategies and provide guidance as they implement their programs.

Plenty of Applications

Common applications for Boundless include annual reports, user manuals, training guides, branded magazines, insurance policies, employee benefit books, field maintenance manuals, healthcare guides for patients, and welcome kits. With conventional PDF-only presentations, these lengthy text-heavy documents require customers to download them and struggle to read as they pinch, expand, and scroll. On mobile devices, reading large PDF documents is an unsatisfactory customer experience that reflects poorly on the sending organization.

PDF replaces print, but Boundless enhances it. The Boundless version of a document retains all the information presented in the print edition that corporate standards and legal departments have already reviewed and approved. Boundless fully brands the digitized versions with logos, corporate colors, typefaces, and other pre-set standards. Consumers of the Boundless documents always have an option to view pages from the original PDF, if they so choose.

Besides creating enhanced digital versions of printed content, Boundless also provides organizations with tools to notify the audience and distribute the documents.

Why Boundless?

Boundless helps organizations meet many of their corporate objectives:

  1. Reduce the size of print runs
  2. Enhance the customer experience
  3. Comply with accessibility requirements
  4. Reach a wider audience
  5. Capture user interaction analytics
  6. Lower costs

As technology continues to change our world, AI is at the forefront of new applications and Boundless will be incorporating an AI engine later this year.  What will that mean for you?  Not only will you be able to view a digitally converted document in the Boundless reader, but soon we will be able to export the extracted and converted information directly into your own company’s digital assets.

Why Gimbel & Associates?

Though we’re known for our extensive knowledge and experience in the printing industry, Gimbel & Associates works with our clients on all aspects of their communication strategies. We recognized the omni-channel trends early on and we’ve been helping our clients exploit the advantages of this strategy for years. Boundless is a great example of how our print and omni-channel expertise combine to offer something our clients find extremely useful and timely.

Boundless will be ready soon for wide release. Watch for announcements from Gimbel & Associates to learn how to take advantage of this service as soon as it becomes available.




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